Iced coffee with plantbased milk

In the summer we like to drink iced coffee! Your favorite drink, but cooling. If you are mainly at work in an air-conditioned room, then it is understandable that you just like to drink your coffee hot. But when you're out and about in the sun, an iced coffee is your go to.


  • ice cubes

  • 1 shot of espresso or 1 coffee

  • 200 ml unsweetened plantbased milk of your choice

  • Optional: agave syrup or maple syrup


There are two varieties: on the rocks and frappé.

For the first variant: Make an espresso or coffee first and let it cool down. Fill a glass with cold milk and ice cubes and slowly pour the coffee over it. Add a sweetener as desired.

For the frappé: brew an espresso or coffee. Pour this into a blender, add the milk and the ice cubes. Add a sweetener if desired and blend until the ice is finely crushed.