Frozen yoghurts with red fruit

With temperatures like these, we prefer to eat ice creams all day long. Still, it doesn't seem like the best idea to eat visit the Italian ice cream parlor every day. We wouldn't be Beyuna if we didn't look for a healthy variation. This frozen yoghurt is healthy and cooling, the Greek yogurt contains healthy fats and makes the ice cream nice and creamy and the red fruit is packed with vitamins and makes it refreshing. You can even have this ice cream for breakfast!


  • 500 ml Full Greek yogurt

  • 4 tbsp Honey

  • 75 gr Blueberries

  • 75 gr Strawberries


For this you need ice molds. Stir the honey into the Greek yogurt and add the fruit. Pour the mixture into the ramekins and leave in the freezer overnight. Easy as that! Enjoy!